Tot School 32.5mo Twins – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I am just like a million other moms.  I have read my kid’s favorite books over and over until everyone in the house can recite them by memory.  Our current overused, I mean, well-loved books are My Big Train Book,  Everything Fire Engine Book, Sounds On the Go Book and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  While browsing on Pinterest, I saw a cute activity to go along with the caterpillar book.  For detail directions and the pattern go over to

I printed out the pattern and I decided that I would laminate my pieces so it would last longer.  It’s an easy pattern to cut and make.  I think it took a whole 10min to do so I highly recommend this because it takes very little prep.


The basic idea is that as you read the story, your children will get to identify the items that the caterpillar eats.  I thought it would be a breeze since my boys can point out and say all the items in the book.  When they are in small, mixed up picture form on the floor, it was a bit more challenging for them.  Dad & I had to help them correctly identify all the items.


For the first time try, I’m so glad that I had my husband’s help.  It was crazy even with his help.  They boys ran back and forth around each other from the book to the pieces to where dad was holding the actual caterpillar.  Plus add to the running, the excitement of something new and the quick grabbing of pieces due to the excitement and it was super crazy but fun.  I didn’t have any problems putting the pieces into the mouth of the caterpillar, but dad found that the boys had some trouble.  I figure that with some practice, the feeding and the identifying will get easier.  You can ask to identify the picture by the number of items in the picture, by what it actually is and by the color of the items.  The boys also had some extra practice with pronouncing the items.











This one little activity works on color recognition, counting, object recognition, speech development, fine motor hand skills and the way my boys play it, they also got some gross motor skill developement in there too.  It is so easy to make and what a clever but simple activity.  I’m so glad I found this on Pinterest.