Tot School 32.5mo Twins – No Time For Planning

Whew!  Bible study is over.  A parenting discipline class is over.  A few other big projects are over.  It has been a busy time this past week while the last classes have come.  There hasn’t been enough time or energy for me to plan all these great activities for the twins.  There has been some learning going on though.  Last week I stood in my kitchen looking for something to keep my boys busy.  Coloring just only goes so far with these two movers and shakers.  I turned and saw the Boogle game box.  Bingo!  It has the alphabet, it moves, it shakes and it’s something new for the boys.  I pulled it out and the fun learning began right on the kitchen floor.  They placed each dice on the squares, the tried to identify all the letters on the dice, the shook the dice in the whole container, they shook the dice in just the bottom and they shook the dice in just the top.  Each time the dice behaved differently.  I hadn’t planned it, but I was able to have them guess at how the dice would move.  They made straight lines, curvy lines and all sorts of shapes with the dice.








DSC_0730This was just perfect to keep them busy and learning for 30min while I caught my breath.  The next time you are having a very busy day, look around and see if there is something simple and new that just might help you out.  For that day, I counted a little game called Boggle as my mercy.