Tot School 37.5 mo Twins – Ice Science

It’s science time again.  This time we are experimenting with ice.  I began by pouring maple syrup, water, Dr Pepper, V8 Splash and milk into small glasses.  I let the boys look, smell and taste all of the liquids.   I set out a small ice-cube tray and gave a turkey baster to the boys to move the liquids over to the tray.  The turkey baster was a bit big and cumbersome for their small hands.


So after each boy attempted the baster, I gave them a small eye dropper to transfer all the different liquids.  When each of the 5 wells were full, minding that they were all filling to the same level, I asked each boy which liquid would freeze hard the first and which one would be last.  Lance predicted the Dr Pepper would freeze first and the milk would be last while James thought the maple syrup would freeze hard first and the water would be last.


I popped it into the freezer.  One hour later we checked on the ice tray by  poking our fingers on top of the ice.  The water was freezing the fastest and the V8 Splash was last.  Back into the freezer it went and one more hour later we pulled the tray back out.  The results from our very scientific scratching and eating method revealed that the water froze the hardest, then milk, then V8 Splash, then Dr Pepper and finally the maple syrup.  We didn’t talk about why or how things freeze.  We just applauded the winner and then ate all the remaining icy mixtures.  As Lance proclaimed, “Science is yummy!” so I’m glad they are forming great attitudes about science.