Tot School 32mo Twins – Dandelion Art

An obnoxious weed, that’s what a dandelion is.  They spring up, blow seeds everywhere and thrive.  The field in front of us is covered with the things.  So last week I saw a post, I forgot where, that used dandelions for their art work.  Why not use something plentiful and free for an activity.

We started with a white piece of cardstock that I taped to the table.  I brought out the Crayola washable finger paints and I let each boy pick out the color that he wanted to use.  James picked red and Lance picked yellow.  The lighter the color, the better the overall look.  I let each boy squeeze some paint out.  They got a bit carried away with how much they squeezed.  Then I gave them a bottle of glue and had them squeeze some onto the pile of paint.








I gave them a spoon and let them smear it all around until most of the page was covered and so were they.








Earlier that day we had picked 8 dandelion heads and we took those outside with our wet paper.  I had the boys sit down in front of their papers and blow the seeds onto the paint.  Lance loved the blowing.  James wanted to tear off the seeds and sprinkle just a few on the paint and he wanted all the stems in the artwork too.  Remember the paint is washable, so those yellow and red shoes were easy to clean up.








We left the papers to dry and later we had two very unique pieces of artwork that my boys are so proud of.  So I count dandelions as my mercy for the day.