Tot School 35mo Twins – Creation

We are back in full swing with tot school and today the boys are taking a nap so I get to blog.  Yea!  I’m getting a lot of my ideas from

We have started our bible learning along with the alphabet.  Yesterday we read through the story of creation in Genesis.  I’m using the spooky nothing story that I mentioned in an earlier post.  The boys are just captivated by it and now they can even say parts of the story too.  I asked a few questions to help the story sink in.  Lance had me laughing when I asked why we needed light during the day, his reply was the stars needed to go to sleep too and they can’t stay out for us to see them when the sun is shining.  Since God made the earth and it’s round, I went with a full circle theme for many of our activities.  We made round earths by taking coffee filters, marking them with green and blue markers and dropping water around the filter.  They come out looking like a view of earth from space.  Pretty cool and really easy.  Earlier I had made a turnable wheel with the days of creation in pictures.  The first time through the wheel, I described what God had made on that day.  The next time around I had the boys tell me what God made on that day.  They can’t tell me what number of day each thing was created on yet, but give it some time and they’ll have that down too.  Lance really likes to spin the top part of the wheel around regardless of what we are doing.  Again, I retold the creation story using Betty Lukin’s creation flannelgraph set.  I can’t say enough good about that set. 

We moved on from the activities that directly related to the bible story.  We talked about how God created the earth to be round.  Round things are usually circles.  So off we went to explore circles.  I printed out a big number 0 and let the boys use markers to color it.  Not only did we talk about the number 0 and that it meant there was nothing, they got some great fine motor skill practice by taking the caps on and snapping them completely back on.  They also got some great color on them, but we used the washable markers and it all came off.





Next I put down a plain white sheet of paper, scattered out some round lids that I had been collecting.  Anything from sour cream container lids to milk jug lids.  I put a big dab of Crayola washable paint of blue, purple and yellow onto three separate saucers.  All I had to say was make circles and the boys had a ball doing the rest.




I made a few days ago some tactile numbers using sandpaper.  It always helps to cover all the styles of learning.  So we covered touch too while we felt of the number 0.  James wasn’t as thrilled about this activity.

We cuddled up on the overstuffed chair and read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  After reading it, we just had to make round, chocolate chip cookies.  I have the best little bakers in Texas!  Now we can also taste a circle!

When dad came in, we stopped the circle theme and did some hands on creating ourselves.  We recently found a set of wedgets.  These are great.  They are square and diamond-shaped hard pieces that stack together.  the sky is the limit with your building.  It helps the boys understand sizing, stacking, coloring, dimensions and balance.  If you haven’t seen these, check them out.