Tot School 28.5mo Twins – P is for Pizza

Yesterday’s craft was a hit.  My boys love pizza and our craft centered around pizza.  I handed the boys a toy phone and had them pretend to call in an order for alphabet pizza.  We went over to the kitchen table and made the pizzas.  I gave them each a white paper plate for the crust.  They used a red crayon to add some tomato sauce. 



I had cut out earlier some circles and wrote the alphabet on them.  I also cut out some yellow paper for pineapples and green for peppers.  As each boy called out a letter, I put some glue on it and let them pat it down on their pizza.  Towards the end, I let the boys have a try at putting glue on the backs of their pepperoni.







Then it was time to slip them in the oven of our play kitchen.  Kinda funny that the play kitchen is upstairs so we hauled our pizzas upstairs to cook them.  When the boys deemed them nice and toasty, we took them downstairs and said the alphabet again as we put them on the refrigerator door.







The boys went off to play while mom put a real pizza in the oven to cook.  Then we sat down and had ourselves a yummy pizza.  It was a great time of pretend play.  I’m so grateful that God has given all of us the ability to imagine and my boys are really starting to use them.