Tot School 35.5mo Twins – A is for Alligator and Ant

We’ve started our week featuring the letter A!  Yea!!!  I love our alphabet learning. 

We started Monday morning watching the “A” program on  The boys both like this and it’s free for the alphabet pages.  So we sounded out the letter A and the boys just loved the alligator on the program.  They like to make the chomping sound with hand motions for alligators.  That gave me the idea of making alligator skin.  I printed off an alligator on regular paper.  I poured out some Crayola washable green paint.  I showed the boys how to bunch up some bubble wrap and dip it into the paint then dab it up and down.  It makes a cute bumpy print.  Not exactly real alligator skin, but it works.  I had to remind them to just dab because their favorite technique with paint is a big wide smear.  We talked about smooth verses bumpy and what alligator skin must feel like.  The boys were all excited and described the skin with very vivid words.








Our next animal project of ants comes from  I printed out the capital and lower case letter A.  I had the boys identify whether they were capital or lowercase.  Lance happens to get this concept easier than James.  I taped down the paper, poured out some red finger paint and I held their fingers one at a time for this project.  We used the first three fingers and held them together, dipped them in paint and put their fingerprints all over the “A”s.  After each child, I took him straight to the bathroom to wash up and it comes off easily.  After the paint had some time to dry, I drew little antennae and legs on the fingerprints to make ants.  This was super easy and cute.  Cute enough that it may be a keeper.


Ofcourse there are lots of other animals that start with the letter A, but we worked on just these two animal crafts while we practiced saying the A sound.  Later this week we’ll tackle the apple and maybe the acorn too.