I wrote a beautiful, heartfelt page about me when I began this blog.  Somehow I deleted those wonderful words.  I wrote them from the bottom of my soul during my post partum depression.  This new page could never recapture all the original contained.  So here’s a brand new about me.

I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mentor, a cook, a quilter, a camper and someone who has fallen short of the glory of God.  That’s me in a nut shell. 

This blog focuses on the mom side of me.  The perfectionist in me is learning that my twin boys don’t require me to be perfect.  They just need me to present with them and enjoy our family time.  The crafter in me is learning how to incorporate and teach my little ones art in every form.  The learner/teacher in me is doing an informal tot school daily.  They learn, they teach.  I learn and I also teach.  The Christian in me is learning how to model the Godly characteristics and find creative ways to introduce those characteristics to my boys.  The critical side of me is learning to relax and let God be the judge of how others parent and to give myself as a parent grace.

My first goal is to inspire other moms and myself to be real and honest about motherhood.  I don’t get it all right.  I’ll post the good and the bad because we all fall short and need to know that we are not alone.  If you have twins, you might gain a few insights from my tot school on managing two at a time.

My second goal is to daily look for those mercies that God has given me.  So many times I crawl into bed and replay everything that went wrong.  No wonder motherhood seems hard to me!  But when I focus on what helped and what went right, whether it be small or large, it reminds me that I can do this.  It reminds that God has given me the strength to be the mom that He has called me to be.  The daily mercies could be a toy, a visiting friend, an email, a book or a simple verse that came to my mind.  His mercies are new every morning and it’s my delight to take notice of them.  Let the mercies rain down!


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  1. your words just make me smile-all over my face!:) so proud of you!

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