Tot School 44mo – Tents & Colors

This week, using inspiration from God’s Little Explorers, we started with the story of Abraham. We focused on the fact that Abraham lived in a tent since he and his wife was following wherever God led them. That meant that he lived in a tent that was portable. My husband and I took the boys out camping to get a small taste of what tent life is like. I briefly mentioned a few times that setting up and taking down a tent was time-consuming and boring, just like they had to wait for mom and dad to set up and teardown on their trip. We had talked about God’s promise that Abraham would have as many descendants as the stars in the sky. Unfortunately, we fell asleep before the stars came out so I made a quick and easy telescope for the boys to pretend see the star constellations. For this directions go to Kids Activity Blog at Lance really liked looking at all the constellations and saying their funny names.

Next we read the story of Joseph. We focused on two aspects, his colorful coat and grain. I spent all day making a rainbow ribbon jello salad. It made a lot so we are still eating it but it showed the kids what many colors look like together. We also did a fun color mixing lab. I got this idea from No Time for Flash Cards at I popped out a red, blue and green tab from a watercolor set and dissolved them in separate bowls of water. I gave the boys each an eye dropper. I put out a jar of water, a jar of vinegar and a jar of oil. I had the boys smell, taste and then guess at what the color would do in each jar. The eye dropper gave them plenty of pincher grasp practice. They were fascinated that the color water formed beads in the oil. After dropping color into the jars one at a time, they went wild and started mixing colors to form new colors. Ok, generally they made purple and if they had kept going it would have ending up brown. But they laughed and had lots of fun with the colored water. To remember that Joseph’s brothers got mad because Joseph’s dream had his brother’s grain bowing down to him and then he saved Egypt from a famine by gathering grain, I set up a rice sensory bin. We named all the different grains that we could think of, including rice. They love sensory bins and they love making a mess with them. We stopped playing when the rice went flying through the air across my kitchen. We ended the week by adding a few more pieces to our treasure map that represent each week. We are on our way to reaching “X marks the spot.”


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