Tot School 338.5mo Twins – Peppermint Playdo

December is a busy month.  If I don’t watch how much I schedule, we’d be running and doing every second of the day.  Just a few days ago, Dallas had an ice storm.  We were cooped up inside for 3 days straight.  I just didn’t have the energy to keep up with twin boys one of those days.  So I decided to make homemade peppermint Playdo.  It was such a huge success.  The playdo came out like it was supposed to and the boys played for an hour with it.

Peppermint Playdo:

-Mix 5 cups water, 2 1/2 cups salt, 3 tablespoons cream of tartar and red food coloring if desired

-Cook on medium low heat until hot

-Add 10 tablespoons vegetable oil

-Stir in 5 cups flour, adding a little at a time

-Add 1 tablespoon peppermint extract and also adding any glitter if desired

-Mix over heat until no longer sticky

-Let cook and then knead slightly


In the past the boys would play for about 15 min before getting bored.  This time I gave them several pieces of plastic play wood, a plastic screwdriver, plastic pliers, measuring cups, plastic drinking cups and a broken end off the measuring cup for a knife.  Wow did that make all the difference.  I happen to have boys that love the show Mighty Machines.  The pliers became grapplers, the screwdriver became a metal grinder and well you get the picture.


Then we worked on making snowmen, complete with hat, arms and nose.  Lastly we made pretend ice cream using the cone from the play kitchen.  Lance sure knows how to name each of his ice cream flavors.


I have pulled out the two different colors of peppermint playdo three more times this past week.  Each time it was fun and long-lasting.  I am so glad I branched out and let them use some of their play things with the playdo.  I think that has made a big difference.  So whatever your child really loves to play with, try to incorporate that into playdo time and I bet your little one will enjoy playdo even more.



Tot School 38mo Twins – Advent Experience

It’s December!  On 12/1 we start our advent project.  I looked at the calendar but it wasn’t the 1st, it was Tuesday the 3rd!  I needed to get a move on.  Each year I like to do an advent project with the boys.  Last year I did a felt advent story board from Heartfelt Creations.  We’ll be doing that in the evenings with dad this year.  We have added Truth In the Tinsel for the daytime.  It’s just barely at a level that they can do.  It’s a struggle to get them to listen to the scripture passages, but with a clever shouting and cheering when I say certain words, they mostly stay listening.  The crafts need some help from me and they look exactly like a 3yr old did them, not so pretty, but we hang them on a special tree just for advent anyways.  Each week I’ll give a quick overview of what we did.  I recommend this for anyone who wants The Word of God impressed upon the  hearts of their little ones with a short, fun time of crafts to bring the message home.  We love this time of year because it’s a month-long birthday celebration of our lord, Jesus Christ.

We began by reading scripture about Jesus being the Light.  We made a candle ornament to represent light.












Next we made crowns to represent the kingdom.  Now my kingdom is full of glitter!













Well, as anyone can see, we made Zachariah.  Looks just like him doesn’t it?  We made his mouth from a piece of bubble wrap so we popped it to represent that God made him unable to talk because of his disbelief.







We also declared that “We believe what God says!”

as singing a Bible Study Fellowship song

that says, “The bible is true, absolutely true.”



Next we learned about the angel Gabriel.  His ornament was hard to do.  Glue and jingle bells don’t mix to well.DSC_1572

We read about Mary.  Don’t laugh, she’s covered modestly in very hip clothes.  James & Lance both took liberties in their fashion decisions on Mary.


We learned about Mary and Elizabeth for the last day of this week. Lovely fashion decorating again.  The circles are meant to show that they are pregnant.   Trust me, Lance’s choice of green heads does not mean he thinks Mary and Elizabeth are Martians, but it does look that way.  So we end this week with a good collection on our advent tree.