Tot School 37mo Twins – Spider Maze

Oh I am really behind on posting.  We have been busy doing tot school but my little darlings don’t always want to take a nap so my blog goes off to the side.

The day before Halloween I decided to work on their visual and decision making skills.  I took blue painter’s tape and quickly made a spider web on the floor.  It really was quick.  It took about 10 minutes to do.  I made an x and then added two more long strips for the base.  Then I started on the outside and connected the straight lines in circles.  I stepped back and there’s my web.


Then I lightly walked a path on the tape and made small pencil arrows to follow my pathway.  When I reached the middle I turned around with a pair of scissors and started cutting out chunks of tape to make a maze.  That took about 10 minutes too.  Then it was time to play.



The boys haven’t done mazes on paper yet so they needed a lot of help from me at first.  What helped the most was walking the line with them, stopping them when we came to an intersection and asking them if we should go straight, left or right.  When we ran into a deadend, I’d yell deadend and we’d make beeping sounds while we backed up to the previous intersection.  It did take a long time before we reached the middle mark.  After that the boys got to do it several times without my help.  When interest started to fall, I took a sharpie marker and wrote the alphabet letters throughout the maze at intersections.  At first I wanted them to walk the alphabet in order, but since that wasn’t happening and I was getting frustrated, I took a cue from Lance.  He had run over and grabbed a letter from the fridge phonics set and placed it on the corresponding letter.  So we did that for a while.  I have to admit that while Lance was racing through the letters, James just wasn’t identifying any of the correct letters.  He wasn’t even naming them correctly when he was looking at the fridge phonics pieces.  So I did what any control freak would do, I abruptly ended the game and waited until the kids were asleep and then wailed to my husband that I thought James had a problem.  Well, he has now shown us that he knows the alphabet.  I think he decides when he wants to show us what he can do and when he wants to be ornery and fake it.  I’ll watch him as he learns, but my hunch is he’s just fine.


We kept the maze on the floor for three days.  The boys used it to drive cars on, roll balls on and even did the maze a few more times.  It’s well worth the setup to make you own maze and see what your kids will do.  By the way, I thought it was funny that when my husband came in, he tried to walk the path in between the lines and asked me how I did it, he was confussed.  I had set it up to follow on the tape lines.  Just goes to show that different people look at things in different ways.



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