Tot School 36.5mo Twins – E is for Chemical Engineer

We are continuing on this week with the letter E.  Specifically we are exploring engineers.  All types of engineers.  Today we focused on chemical engineers.  Mind you, this is preschool science so no atom splitting going on today but my boys enjoyed the experiments we did.  I’m not expecting a lot of comprehension either.  Rather just instilling a love of learning science, guessing and hearing new words all while having some fun.

I started this morning with handing the boys a pan and letting them fill it up with water and set an egg into it.  I set it on the stove to boil for a hard-boiled egg.  When it was done, we put the egg into a glass bowl.  I poured some vinegar into a measuring cup and let them take turns pouring it over the egg.  I told the boys to watch carefully.  Lots of bubbles started rising off the egg and eventually  the bubbles stopped rising and just settled all over the egg.  I asked the boys to guess at what the vinegar would do to the egg-shell since it was an acid.  At first they both said they didn’t know so I gave them some options to choose from: the egg will harden, the egg will soften, the egg will get rubbery, the water will turn green and the egg will turn black.  James predicted that the egg will harden while Lance guessed that the egg will soften.  I said that the vinegar would react with the calcium in the egg-shell and we would have to wait until Friday to see what will happen.  We put the bowl up on the counter and we will check it everyday until Friday.








Next we made a series of eruptions.  We added something different each time and tried to guess how the eruption would change.


 We started with a drinking glass set inside a shallow pan.  The boys spooned in baking soda and a few color drops in the bottom of a drinking glass.   I gave each of them a measuring cup of  vinegar to pour into the glass.   The first eruption happened fast and overflowed a lot because it was watery and light.



 Then we prepped another drinking glass in the same way as before except we adding a squirt of dish washing liquid to it.  We got a really fast and big overflow that was foamy.



  Lastly we prepped everything the same way again but added some vegetable oil to the mix.  What we got was a slower, more controlled fizz. DSC_1362DSC_1363  There were so many big bubbles that slowly rose to the top and the boys had fun poking their fingers into them and popping them.








For our last chemical experiment, we were going to learn about what makes leaves change color.  We collected our leaves, tore them up, poured rubbing alcohol over it, covered the jar and place it in hot water.  What should have happened was all the color coming out of the leaves making the water a dark green.  Had that happened, we would have continued on in the experiment, but sadly after 2.5hrs all we had was a pale green color.  Oh well, not everything works as planned.  The boys got to have fun and do one of their favorite things, make eruptions.  Tomorrow will be a fun filled engineering day too.


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