Tot School 36mo Twins – Finishing the Letter D

Last week we finished up the letter D.    I  wrote our last name, Davis, on a sheet of paper and let the boys use yellow fingerpaint to trace it.  With a bit of help from me, they did a great job.  I helped them write a short thank you note on it to grandma  for sending gifts.  I asked them to name all the letters in their last name and give me the sounds too.  I was so busy getting it ready to mail to grandma that I forgot to take a picture.  Next we played with dominoes.  The boys have been asking every morning for about a week to play with them.  But instead of just dumping them out and letting the boys do whatever with them, I asked them to guess at how many dominoes would fit into the back of their dump truck.  One of them said 10 and the other said 40.  When we put them all in, 93 dominoes fit before they start dumping out.  After that the boys decided to make roads for their imaginary diesel trains.  They both worked together on the same track and eventually the whole thing covered the living room floor.  We only had two squabbles that got resolved quickly.












Lastly, since we worked with our dump truck and bulldozer to put all the dominoes away, I did a dirt project.  I began by talking to the boys about how bulldozers move the dirt at the construction sites along the freeway that we saw recently.  With all the talk of dirt, I asked them if they wanted to make their own dirt and they both shouted yes.  I took a package of chocolate pudding mix, let James measure and pour milk into the mix and let Lance stir.  Into the fridge it went during nap time.  When they woke up, I let them take a kitchen mallet and crush up oreo cookies in a baggie.  We dumped the crushed cookies on top of the pudding and now we had dirt.  I got a hearty approval of dirt from both boys.



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