Tot School 36.5mo Twins – Beginning the Letter E

This week we are working on the letter E.  We read the books, Enemy Pie, When the Elephant Walks, An Elephant On my Roof and My Letter “E” Sound Box on Monday.  Today we worked on some letter E science.  I pulled out a carton of eggs.  We gathered around to look at them.  We talked about their color, the feel, the shape and I asked them if eggs were strong.  From past experience with breaking eggs during cooking, they both said that eggs were not strong.  I told them that they just might find that eggs are actually really strong when the weight is distributed out.  Then I set the carton of eggs on the floor.  I helped James step up on the eggs without his shoes on.  We all laughed in amazement as the eggs held him up.  Then he leaned forward and the carton dumped over and with it James smashed a few eggs with his feet.  I cleaned it up and asked Lance if he wanted to stand on the eggs.  He said no, that he was scared. 

DSC_1315  I put all but 4 eggs back in the fridge so we could make our next “E” science project.  We made an egg custard pie.  My boys are getting quite a bit better at breaking eggs into the bowl.  I only picked out a few shell bits this time.   James has learned how to mix without sloshing everywhere.  They are still working on how to correctly measure ingredients out.  Cooking is becoming a favorite thing to do around here.  Not only do we enjoy doing it, but we love to eat our finished product.



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