Tot School 36mo Twins – Letter D

We got off to a great start today on the letter D.  We didn’t have to go anywhere and the boys were in a cooperative mood.  We began by reading our “D” Soundbox book and the number 4 book by Jane Moncure.  Then I taped a piece of paper, onto the table, that I had drawn a big letter D on.  I had the boys tell me the name and the sound of the letter.  I explained that we were going to put dot stickers all over the letter D.  The boys weren’t excited about it until they saw the sheet of stickers and realized what we were going to do.  Peeling the stickers off gives the boys some good fine motor skill practice.  I didn’t give them any directions on where to put the stickers.  James stayed neatly inside the D for most of the time while Lance outlined his D with the stickers.  When Lance got to the third sheet of stickers, he decided that he was done with the page and started himself as the paper.  For the rest of the morning someone was putting a sticker on their face or toes or on my nose.  When they ran up to put the sticker on me they would say “Here’s a dot!” and run off laughing.









Last night I cut out a cute little felt dinosaur and made spikes to go with it for some preschool math.  I got the idea from  This morning I grabbed a die out of a game upstairs.  I put the body of the dinosaur on the felt board and laid the spikes out below.  I showed the boys how to roll the die.  James does a  decent shake but then he likes to pick out his number and show it to everyone.  Lance rubs the die between his palms before he throws it down.  We’ll have to do a bit more practice on the proper dice rolling technique.  Whatever number it lands on, that’s how many spikes you put up on the dinosaur’s back.  The boys both loved it.  Lance wanted the spikes put nice and even on the dino but James was fine with the spikes on the back, on the body itself and sometimes hanging out in the air.  That was a bit of role reversal.















We read a few of our books on dinosaurs then I talked about archaeologists and paleontologists and how they dig for dinosaur bones buried deep in the ground.  So I set up their own dinosaur bone dig sensory bin.  I dumped out 3 bags of red beans and threw in a handful of dog bones.  I mixed it all up and the boys were so excited to jump right in.  They quickly found the bones, asked to do it again, asked for a third time then they got crazy.  James started throwing the beans off the table and laughing wildly which got Lance started in on the throwing.  I told them it was ok to throw them but they would have to do all the cleanup before we did anything else.  So throw and laugh they did.  They also picked up every single bean.  They used brooms, dump trucks, bulldozers and their hands to get all the beans.  I have to say it was mighty creative in the cleanup.



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