Tot School 36mo Twins – Letter B

This last week we worked on the letter B, as in almost everything bombed.  Well, we really did learn the letter B and I had to laugh because most of what we tried did not work.  Thank you pinterest!  So here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of the week.

Monday was the worst.  Five failed science experiments.  I was excited beginning the day.  The boys and I made the homemade bubble recipe with pipe cleaner wands, which didn’t produce a single bubble.  We made the bouncy  bubble recipe so the bubbles wouldn’t pop, but they did immediately upon touching.  Then we made another solution of bubbles that we poured into a small swimming pool, added a hula hoop and tried the tunnel bubble up over the kids.  All we managed was getting the tube bubble up about 4″ from the bottom of the pool.  By this time I called off the bubble making.  We went inside to try our hand at making a homemade bouncy ball.  The boys measured and poured and mixed until we had a big green stiff blob, that neither bounced or stayed in a ball shape.  Being the go getter type, we charged ahead and tried to make the bubble art on paper.  I added blue tempera paint color to the soap and my boys had a ball blowing huge mounds of bubbles.  When we pressed the paper to it, the blue paint didn’t show up.  At this point I was frustrated so I did the only thing that I knew would work, we made brownies from a box.

The next day we did some easier things relating to the letter B.  We read “My B sound Box” book by Jane Moncure.  Her math and alphabet books are really good.  We also read “The Three Little Bears.”  Then I pulled out an art project.  It didn’t really bomb, but it didn’t turn out cool looking like the one on pinterest.  I took several sheets of card stock and folded them in half,  I placed 2-3 blackberries inside the folded paper and let the boys bang their hammers and hands on the berries.  When we opened up the paper, the resulting splat image should look neat, but ours didn’t and the seeds and pulp stuck to the paper so it was hard to scrape off.  While the art wasn’t much to look at, my boys loved hammering away and got carried away with saying “SPLAT!!!!!”  They said spat throughout the rest of the week.











Wednesday morning was spent coloring a letter B and then we talked about bugs.  I pulled out a bag of spiders for us to play hide and go seek with.  Lance grabbed the bag and flung them everywhere.  I tried to go with it but then when he got the first three spiders he stuffed them in his mouth, ran around like crazy and refused to take them out of his mouth.  So the bugs went away quickly.  Next I tried to make a sticky spider web to catch some bugs.  Not the best thought out plan on my part.  I grabbed a roll of painters tape.  I was trying to use the fireplace mantle and the train table below to make a spider’s web with the sticky side of the blue tape facing outward.  The tape kept curling up, falling off and getting tangled, all while my boys kept running around me like I was a May pole or something.  After some frustration, the web was up.  We talked about how a spider catches bugs in its web for food.  So I wadded up some paper balls to use as our bugs and I let the boys throw them at the web.  The paper wasn’t sticking to the tape.  All it did was bounce off in the floor.  The boys thankfully didn’t care.  They had fun throwing anyways.  Lesson for today, spiders don’t get to eat much around our house and spiders usually don’t leave as big of holes in their webs.


Our last day of attempting B activites did slightly better.  I had seen some fun balloon painting art.  So I poured out some paint and blew up two small balloons.  When I gave them to the boys, they each promptly bit a hole in the balloons.  I tried it again and Lance popped it again so there went that project.   I was able to redeem the week with one last science project.  I took a funnel and poured a small amount of baking soda into two balloons.  I filled an empty bottle 2/3rds full of vinegar.  I carefully stretched the balloon neck over the bottle top.  I let each boy take his balloon and pull it straight up so the baking soda would dump down into the vinegar.  From the reaction, a gas builds up and blows up the balloon.    At first Lance was all interested in doing the balloon project while James ran around saying he didn’t want to do it.  When Lance’s balloon was inflating he stared at with a blank face and walked away while James came running over yelling it’s getting bigger.  What I should have done was explained a bit about the experiment, but by this time I was just plain tired and that ended our letter B week.











Well, things did not go as planned this week, but the boys did learn about the letter B.  This morning before I started on the letter C we did a quick review of A  and B.  The boys both recognize the upper and lower case as well as they have the right sound it makes.  That is what matters so while the activities were not up to par, I take heart knowing that my boys are learning.  So when you are having a bad day or week, remember that it’s not all a lost cause.


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