Tot School 35.5mo Twins – Rainbows


This week we are learning about the story of Noah.  I love that the boys are picking up on what they hear.  This morning I heard the boys talking to each other about animals that were two by two.  It was a good encouragement since you never know how much those little minds are grasping.  To emphasize the story, I talked about why God gave us rainbows.  If you don’t know, it’s a promise from God that He will never again flood the earth and destroy all people.  I had printed off a rainbow from  I taped that down to the kitchen table.  I set two chairs next to each other so the boys could work together on one page.  I started out helping each boy squeeze glue onto an arch of the rainbow.  We started on the inside of the rainbow first.  I gave each boy some fruitloops that corresponded with the arch color and I let them place the fruit loops on the glue.  I helped them learn how to place the loops side by side without much gap.  They each started on the opposite end of the arch and worked towards the middle where they met.  This was a very simple and easy project.  The only thing I had to watch for was them eating the fruitloops.  I had decided to let them do one page together because I didn’t think their attention span would hold doing a full rainbow each.  This worked their hand/eye coordination and their fine motor skills.  No wow factor on this project, but my boys liked it and I like anything that helps them remember the Bible stories that we read.

P.S.  I didn’t even think about what color pattern a real rainbow is, so don’t laugh that it’s out of order.




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