Tot School 34.5mo Twins – Marble Bowling

I am bowled out!  We went with grandma today to a pizza & game place.  The boys played virtual bowling, mini bowling and skee ball.  It was a lot of fun working on those gross motor skills.  After nap time today the boys asked for more bowling.  So here’s what I came up with so it wouldn’t be the same thing we had done all day.  I made marble bowling.  This bowling worked on the arm, hands and fingers in a narrow area with really small targets.  The bonus was I got to sit at the end of the table instead of standing.


This is such a simple game to throw together and play.  I took 10 of those small pencil erasers and stood them up in the traditional bowling triangle at one end of the kitchen table.  The boys counted the number of erasures in each row with me and we identified all the colors too.  I sent them down to the other end of the table with a marble each.  At first it was fast, crazy throwing of both marbles.  After I got their attention, they calmed down and took turns rolling the marbles.  I had to pay attention because they really whip those marbles fast.  I would catch the marbles and roll them back.  We didn’t fuss with all the bowling rules.  I simplified it to taking turns rolling to avoid fighting.  We also took more rolls to get all 10 erasures down, sometimes taking up to 10 rolls to do it.

Lance stayed at the game for about 10min before he got bored with it.  James played for 20min and then he started throwing the marble around and kicking further away for fun.  This was a great little new game that worked on fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination and concentration.  I need to remember this one during the rest of this month when we have hot days over 100 degrees when nobody wants to play outside.


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