Tot School 34.5mo Twins – Putting Out The Fires

Yes, I haven’t been able to post in a few weeks.  It’s not because I didn’t want to.  It’s because my boys are about to turn 3yrs.  Responding to my discipline  has been a chore at times.  Naptime is when I write so while they have been protesting naps, it’s forced a pause in my blog.  But today they are off in dreamland having dreams of who knows what.  From what those two boys say when they are awake, I  know those dreams must be something.

Sometimes you come across an activity that really grabs the kid’s attention.  I’ve been working throught the ABCJesusLovesMe curriculum this summer.  We’ve worked on bible stories, memory verses, shapes, colores, numbers, fine motor skills and this fantistic activity of the week worked on gross motor skills.  I call it, Putting Out the Fires.  I took the boys out early in the morning to our driveway.  Early enough to beat this hot Texas summer temperature.  I took blue sidewalk chalk and made two ladders that were parallel to each other.  I made two ladders because sharing one ladder would probably result in someone getting hurt in all the hurried excitment.  I took orange chalk and drew what roughly looked like a fire at the bottom of the ladder.  I say it’s at the bottom, our driveway slopes and I didn’t want to mess up my ladder so the top is actually at the bottom.  I filled two kitchen bowls of water and threw in a sponge to each bowl.  I had the boys name all the colors that we could see: blue, orange, blue(sponge), silver(bowl) and clear water.  I made up this crazy story about our driveway being on fire.  I asked the boys if they could “climb” up the ladder, squeeze water out of their sponge onto the fire and keep going back and forth until the fire was out.  A bit lazy, oh but smart!  They lined up, soaked their sponge and stood ready at the bottom of the ladders.  I yelled go and off they climbed.  I laughed as they tried to erase the ladder instead of the fire.  James got tired of running back and forth after a bit so he decided to rub his sponge over the fire to put it out faster.  When we were all satisfied that our driveway was completely safe and fire free, Lance looked over at our car and said “OH NO!  The car’s on fire.”  So for the next 15min they basically wiped down every part of the car that they could reach.  I told them that I was so proud of my little firemen.  They were so brave and strong.


Every day I look for what mercies God has sent my way in mothering.  This day I’m thankful for sidewalk chalk.  It was a great activity that sparked their imagination, moved those little bodies from high to low and everything is better when it’s wet, messy play.


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