Tot School 33.5mo Twins – Big Art

Big Art.  It’s all over Pinterest.  What is it?  It’s big.  It’s anything that involves paint and moving your whole body. It’s really fun.  We had ourselves a whole morning of big art today.  We got our bodies moving, worked those gross motor skills and laughed our way through.

We started with some old fashion sidewalk painting.  We used Crayola washable sidewalk paint.  It washed off easily, but the blue did leave a slight color print behind in a few spots.  I set out a paint tray with blue, yellow and pink paint colors, chalk in white, purple and green colors,  with a bristle brush, sponge brush and a roller brush.  By far, the roller brush gave the best paint coverage and was the easiest for the boys to use.  I painted a basic mountain scene and the boys enhanced my picture.  I wrote their names in chalk and let the boys try to trace my letters. Their favorite things to do were making hand prints and foot prints.  When we were all done, I grabbed the water hose and sprayed it all off.  The boys even had fun with that.


After the driveway dried out, we tried our hand at pop art.  I put down some cardboard, grabbed a bottle of vinegar, some temper paint, toilet paper and baking soda.  Our neighbors came over to watch this one and joined in the fun.  My first attempt didn’t pop so I won’t tell you what I did.  The second and third tries popped nicely so here’s what I did for those.  I took 2 Tbsp of baking soda and wrapped them in a sheet of toilet paper.  The paper just buys you some time pouring in the vinegar before it reacts.  I put that in one corner of a sandwich bag.  Don’t use high-grade bags like I did in my first try because they won’t pop well.  Then squirt about 1 Tbsp temper paint into the opposite corner of the bag.  Hold the paper back and tilt the bag up so you can pour about 1/3c of vinegar over the paint without getting the baking soda wet.  Seal it up and move back.  Gasses are released during this reaction and it causes the bag to swell and eventually pop, blowing paint on the cardboard.  James just loved this project as you can tell in the picture with his orange splatters all over his neck and face.  It also sprayed on the car, but it washed completely off.  I did wash it off immediately so I can’t say what it would do if you let it dry first.









It took a bit more water spray to wash off the temper paint, but our driveway is back to looking good.  We all enjoyed doing big art today.  It’s what my toddlers love best, making a big mess.


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