Tot School 33.5mo Twins – Spin Art

This is such an easy and fun art project to do with kids of all sizes.  Grab a salad spinner from the kitchen.  Cut a sheet of paper the size of the bottom of your spinner.  That’s all the setup that’s required.

I let the boys take turns pouring small amounts of Crayola washable paint onto the paper.  I put the top securely on and set the spinner down on the kitchen table.  Our spinner is a pull string type so it gave my boys a good arm workout.  They enjoyed seeing how hard and fast they could pull the string.








Because the bowl was sitting right at eye level with the boys, they got a good look as the color quickly spun out to the bottom edge of the bowl.  They thought it looked neat.  We opened up the top and there sat our artwork.  Beautiful colors everywhere.  It was an easy project, but the boys liked doing it and we have a fun piece to hang on the fridge that doesn’t take up much room either.



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