Tot School 33.5mo Twins – Live Construction

Today’s tot school was done on the road, literally. 

I’m just flat worn out with the newly developed temper tantrums and getting them down for a nap.  This morning the boys woke me up at 6:30AM and I just stared at them wondering how I was going to get through the day.  After my husband graciously let me go back upstairs and get a shower, I was able to get my brain in gear.  I was thinking after the shower but I still needed to figure out what we were going to do besides sit at home and me watch fit after fit from the boys.  We have many books that go over different construction machines that my boys really like to read and every time we drive down 635 with all the construction, the boys just point and talk and have a good time looking at the machines.  So I quickly told the boys to eat, I got them dressed and out the door with a snack and their water.  When we got going I told the boys that we were going to watch big construction machines today.  They cheered then forgot about it as they were singing and looking out the windows.  When we got to the construction area on 635 they turned their attention to the work going on out their windows.  There was so much stop & go traffic at 9:45 in the morning, so we inched along for about 20min before I found just the right spot to pull in to to watch the action.  I parked in this parking lot for office buildings  right off the service road.  The boys were asking what we were doing and I said to be patient while I unbuckled both of them because I had a surprise waiting.  When I let them both out of the car and pointed them towards the orange construction fence, they just grinned and took off running.  We found a nice little grassy curb to make our viewing area. 

Oh the machines that we saw!  Side by side excavator/bulldozers, steam roller, fork lift, cement truck, big jack hammers, plain excavators and the list goes on.  The most exciting machine was a drill.  I’m talking big!  It was stationed and running right across from where we were standing.  It just captivated my boys.  They stood so still with their eyes glued to the action.  What could be better than that?  Let me tell you.  I pulled out their water cups and a full container of banana puffs, which are a treat around here.  They stood at the chest high fence with their cups pulled tightly to their chests or they sat them down next to them while I handed palm fulls of puffs to them.  Some people can sit and eat popcorn with their eyes glued to a movie, well this was their movie like watching experience.


We named all the machines, talked about the movements that each machine did, what the workers were wearing, the sounds and the smell of dirt everywhere.  This was a language packed tot school that didn’t have to relate back to reality or experience, it was real-time learning.


The best part of an hour of watching this morning was the cheering for the drill.  It was so loud and obnoxious that even the workers looked up and started laughing.  The huge drill would spin down into the ground, pull back up, move the bit over and spin it fast so that the dirt clogging the bit would fly off everywhere in a big cloud of dust.  My boys raised their arms and screamed yea!! woohoo!! and (my personal favorite) good job drill!  No wonder those construction workers were laughing.  They don’t have a cheering audience every day.


The traffic and the waiting on 635 is normally annoying, but today it was my mercy from God.  This activity was unplanned, free and very fun.


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