Tot School 33.5mo Twins – Lemonade

Twodaloo had the cutest post on a pretend lemonade day so I stole her ideas and we had ourselves a lemonade day this morning.  It was really fun and kept the boys’ attention for about an hour.  Yesterday I added some rice to a ziplock gallon bag.  To this I poured a big dash of rubbing alcohol, one packet of lemonade Koolaid, two big squirts of yellow food coloring and kneaded it until the color was evenly distributed.  I poured it out on a big cookie sheet and let it dry out.  It  dries crunchy so you have to work it with your hands to separate the grains before play.  It smelled so great, just like being in a lemon grove with all that citrus smell.  I poured the rice into a plastic pitcher with a lid for play the next day.

This morning we made lemonade and I let the boys have a taste.  If you are going to have a pretend play session, then you need to have experienced the real thing to make any connections. 


I spread out a blanket in the front lawn.  I set two trays out, each containing: DSC_0963

        1 condiment cup with 3 marbles to be used as ice

        1 condiment cup with gold glitter to be used as sugar, use white or silver glitter for a more realistic effect (we only had gold in the house)

        1 real lemon

        1 small cup

        1 measuring cup

        1 wooden spoon

        1 teaspoon

        1     1/4tsp measuring spoon

        1 tongs

The boys were so excited when they saw it.  At first they just looked at everything and said ohhhhh! Look!


Then we got down to some playing.  They poured from the big pitcher into all the little cups,  dumped the little cups out,  scooped the marbles, stirred in the sugar, grabbed up the marbles which was a challenge in those little cups and we poured the rice back into the pitcher over and over.




Besides all the great manipulation skills that they practiced, we got in some good word practice too.  We talked about what everything that they were using was called, what each motion was and we talked about the texture, hardness, color and smell of the real lemon.  We are building a wealth of vocabulary words that our boys can use.

If you want to make this non-messy play, just leave out the glitter.  The glitter stuck to everything.  We had to go in the backyard and hose off because we had so much glitter on us.  It looked like Lance had been dipped in a vat of gold.  I didn’t take any pictures of the blanket near the end.  Depending on your child, they may pour carefully and neatly, however, my boys aren’t too neat.  I started with a full pitcher of rice but I ended up with only 1/2 left to store away for later play. 


This was definitely one of my favorite tot schools and I think the boys might say the same thing too.  So I’m counting a$1.00 bag of rice as my mercy for the day.  Have fun, go out to make your own sensory pretend lemonade and enjoy summer!


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