Tot School 33.5mo Twins – Hidden In My Heart

I love it when I have great crafts to go along side a scripture or bible story for my boys.  Just the other day I was telling my boys that if they learn what the bible says it would help them learn to obey me and God.  Every time I talk about what the bible says, I use it gently and try to make it something fun to learn.  I used for my printables on this craft.  I let the boys try to cut out the hearts and bibles that I printed out on white paper.   Two hearts and one bible per kid.   What I got was many tiny cuts along the edges of the papers, so I followed behind them and cut along the outline.   I asked the boys to color the hearts and the bible.  Interesting that Lance chose mainly dark colors instead of bright colors.  I didn’t suggest or comment on the colors because it’s their creations.  However if I was coloring it, I’d make it bright yellows and blues like James did, but slightly neater looking. 


  As we were saying the verse out loud together, I wrote a short version of it on the front of two hearts: “I will hide your Word in my heart, so I will not sin against you.”  I punched big holes with a hole punch around the edges of all the hearts.  I gave each boy a long shoe lace and helped them lace it through the holes.  Shoelaces work great because of the stiff plastic end helps guide the lace through holes easier.  I held the two pieces of hearts together for them at the start then I let go and let them do it on their own.  Look at Lance’s mouth and you will see evidence that while this looks so sweet and calm, chaos usually creeps in the activities so have no fear if your little one or little ones don’t always look this organized and obedient.  Lance tends to ignore my corrections and tries to sneak in a little snack of colored wax when mom is helping James out. 

DSC_0921 You can see in the picture that each boy had a different way of lacing and that’s all part of the learning.  Lance likes to play with the lace and twist it while James is about making his neat and in order.

DSC_0922  They both giggled when they tore the holes and laughed when they knotted the lace too.  When that was done, they each got to slide their colored bible down in the pouch of the hearts.  We hung them up on the fridge and said the verse each day for the next few days.  So on this day, I counted my mercy as a little shoelace that helped to make a big impression on their hearts.



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