Tot School 33mo Twins – 4th of July Art

We are ready to celebrate our country’s birthday and we are excited.  We have the little “pop its” for our boys to pop on the ground, a few sparklers, lots of ice cream, some neighbors coming over to watch the fireworks from our front lawn, we’ve been practicing the pledge of allegiance and we have two fun pieces of patriotic artwork hanging in the house.  I’d say we are ready.  Let the fun begin!

Our first project I call the Freedom Bomb.  I haven’t had the pleasure of trying to fill water balloons with watered down paint, until the other day.  Not the easiest thing, at least not the cleanest thing I’ve ever done.  Let’s just say I had paint on most of my kitchen surfaces.  Thankfully I was using Crayola Washable Fingerpaint.   I tried to put the balloon tip over the paint tube and squeeze some paint in and then tried to stretch the balloon tip over the kitchen sink faucet.   I had visions of a dozen water balloons for my boys to throw and I quit after only four due to my rising frustration over these little play things.  Those four were great though, they were in the shape of grenades.


  We took them outside and I put a large white poster board piece on the sidewalk.  I gave the boys permission to throw them down on the poster board.  I didn’t realize how hard the balloons would be to break.  After the boys tried seven or eight times without success, I picked one up and it didn’t break either.  So in my most ridiculous, over exaggerated way, I pushed up my sleeves, flexed my muscles and let the boys feel them, told them to stand back, I planted my feet apart and threw the balloons with all my might.  They broke, to the delight of my boys who oohed and yelled “smack!”  We all had a good laugh at our water balloons.  I gently moved the board out into the grass so I could wash off the paint from the sidewalk.  Sadly, while this paint washes effortlessly off everything else, it didn’t come off the cement so we will be seeing red and blue starbursts until it wears off.




When the paint had dried, we brought it back inside and I wrote Happy 4th of July, America on it.  Then I gave a pack of glitter stars to the boys and let them stick them all over the board.  I don’t get it, the boys were fascinated with putting the stars right on top of my lettering.  Well, they enjoyed it and peeling the paper off the back of the stickers gave their fingers a work out.




This morning I poured a small amount of red and blue Crayola Washable Paint onto two saucers.  I taped two pieces of white paper onto the table.  I took two drinking straws and with scissors I cut the ends right on the lines and splayed the end out.  I handed the cut straws to the boys and told them to make fireworks on their pages.  They really enjoyed this.  James carefully stamped his straw while Lance did a twirling action mostly with his.  They each produced very different pieces of art.













While I just love all the decor, the food and friends that gather for this holiday, I’m very thankful for our freedom in America.  Thankful that I can freely tell my boys about a merciful God who loves them even more than I could ever love them.  Happy 4th everyone!


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