Tot School 33mo Twins – Patterning

I haven’t posted in a while.    We have had a lot of changes going on in these past few weeks that have prevented me from having free time during naps to write.  The biggest is transitioning my boys out of cribs into big boy beds.  There’s freedom now and they like to take full advantage of that freedom so mommy hasn’t had her free time either.  Today I got some time so I’m ready to tell about our adventures and our learning. 

One of our mornings we pulled out the squishy blocks.  We use to stack them up in a tower and then race to see who could knock them down first.  This morning my boys used them differently.  They started laying  them out in a straight line.  By accident they were laying them in an alternating yellow and blue pattern.  Patterns are a beginning part of math so I pointed out to them that they had a pattern developing and I asked them what color went next.  They both got it right.  I do have to take into account that we only had two colors so there was a high likelihood that they would just pick the right one.  We patterned out all the blocks.  James started walking across them so I called out the color as he stepped on it.  This turned into big fun.  Soon they were running down the line, stopping when I stopped calling the colors, skipping colors when I skipped them and laughing when they messed up.


When that played out Lance started putting the blocks out in shapes.  After that he made a big gate and he made James ask permission to enter and exit.


This wasn’t some great craft or even preplanned tot school activity, but they certainly did some learning.  You can grab just about anything with colors and work on patterning, but when you have squishy blocks, that learning becomes way more fun and simple to do.  Simple and fun is right up my alley and those basic squishy blocks are my mercy for the day.


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