Tot School 33mo Twins – Bathtub Painting & Light

WARNING: A BIG mess is ahead.  Stop reading if messiness scares you!

It’s the perfect storm today.  I’m sick and can barely hold my eyes open while my twin boys have all the energy in the world and are in a defiant/destructive mood.  I desperately needed a plan today.  During the activities, the boys were mostly ok, but the brief lulls were hard.  The two best activities of today went very well.  So here they are.  We’ve been singing the song “This Little Light of Mine.”  I printed out a candle from and I had the boys coloring it. 


I don’t know what possessed me to do the following, but I did and now my kitchen will never be clean again.  I helped each boy put glue around the flame outline.  Then I handed them a bottle of gold glitter.  That’s right, wild boys with glitter.  I have a big ol mess that I’m still trying to sweep up and probably will be for the next week.  As you can see in the picture, the boys hold to the philosophy that more is better and I had a lot of glitter to pour back into the bottle.







We let that dry a bit while I tried to clean the table, floor, kids and myself.  When we came back to the table I gave the boys preschool scissors and asked them to cut out the candle.  I knew they couldn’t do it, but I want them to get practice so one day they can do it.  I followed up and cut out the candle for them.  The picture shows the boys’ skill level in cutting.











I then helped the boys get double-sided tape put on the back of the candle.  They got to place the candle anywhere they wanted on a big yellow sheet of cardstock.



With that done, we held our candles high as we loudly sang “This Little Light of Mine.”


I couldn’t get all the glitter off my boys so we headed upstairs for a creative bath.  Oh, how this lasted a gloriously long time without any hassles.  All three of us were in the bathroom together and the boys were anxious to get this started.  I sat on the edge of the tub and used Crayola washable crayons to draw two rainbows on the tile wall.  Notice that I put them on either side of the soap dish so there would be no fighting and messing up the other brother’s painting.  I squirted five piles of shaving cream onto the edge of the tub.  Then I added two drops of food coloring, a different color to each pile, and stirred it with spoons.  I took off all the boys’ clothes and set them in the tub.  I got to sit back and relax for a bit while they laughed and painted to their hearts’ content.


They made big circles with smooth textures and slapped the wall to make hilly textures.  They painted every inch of that tub.  The pictures don’t show the colors well.  They were pastel, but you could easily see them on the wall in person.  The color blending down the side of the tub made a beautiful marbled look.








When the whole tub and walls were covered, they turned to each other and began painting their brother.  What a sight.  After that, I ran some water and the three of us quickly washed off all the shaving cream and crayon.  I filled up the bathtub with water and I let my boys play with their bath toys for a while.  When the water was finally drained, my bathtub sparkled.  It smelled good too.  This was such a blessing today because it occupied the boys’ time while  I got a much-needed rest.



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