Tot School 33mo Twins – Pounded Flower Art

I am just so amazed at all these talented and creative moms that come up with some original things to do with their kids.  Like I’ve always said, I’m a great copier.  That’s just what I did today.  I have seen several different places where moms took flowers and had the kids pound them between paper and they made beautiful art.  I just love this idea and on the way home from the park today, I stopped by the side of the road and picked some colorful wildflowers for our project.  When we got home, I taped down one piece of regular copier paper to the table.  I snipped off all the budding ends of the wildflowers and put them on the table.  I had to divide the flowers up equally so their wouldn’t be any fighting.  I told the boys that they could place the flowers wherever they wanted to put them on the paper.


I placed another sheet of copy paper on top and taped that down.  Then I grabbed a small rubber mallet from the garage and told the boys to hammer away at the flowers underneath.  Oh was this fun for them.  I couldn’t hardly get them to stop.  Lance even thought it was funny to hit the hammer down then do an extra pounding with his fist on the top of the mallet head.








I carefully lifted off the top sheet and the boys oohed and aahed.  Some of the flowers were smashed tight to the pages and others just fell right off.  Lance was intrigued with pulling off the smashed flowers.  James liked looking at the colors and patterns that were left on the page.










The boys just loved all the pounding involved in this project.  If we do it again, I’ll make sure that the whole page is covered in flowers.  The few scattered flowers that we used were neat, but not very impressive scattered around the full sheet.  I’m so grateful for a handful of wildflowers today.  The wildflowers are my mercy for today.


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