Tot School 32mo Twins – Z is For Zoology

DSC_0664Zoology is the study of animals.  We study a lot of animals around here.  Yesterday was no exception.  The only thing different yesterday was I told the boys that studying animals is called zoology, since this is Z week.  We took our magnifying glass outside and looked at ants, beetles, worms, slugs, snails and rollie pollies.  I can say this, mom got a bit bored but my boys did not.  They stayed engaged the whole time.  Besides looking at the little creatures, what did we do?

We stuck our fingers in the trail left by a slug to see how it felt and watched as it crawled slowly across the patio.  I asked the boys if slugs had feet.  Both said yes, but we couldn’t find any when I turned him over.

We slithered and inched along like our snail.  Trust me, the boys can slither far better than this mom.

We called out words that rhymed with slug: bug & tug; snail: nail & pail; rollie -pollie: Mollie & Wallie

I knew I’d be refereeing my boys, so I didn’t take my camera outside with us today.  So no fun pics of that stuff.  When it was time for dinner, the boys brought a few friends in to eat with us, because sharing and hospitality is big in our family.  Have you ever dined with a rollie-pollie?  It’s quite the experience.  As my boys learned, snails do not taste good & the crunching of the shell rather kills the creature inside.  They also learned that rolli-pollies don’t eat bread or roast beef or cheese, rather they can hang on to the side of the table with their many legs.

This wasn’t any special kind of lesson today.  It was boys just being curious about the small animals moving around in the world.  Curiosity, what a great characteristic to encourage in young children.



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