Tot School 32mo Twins – Z is For Zoomin, Movin Colors

This is our last letter of the alphabet for this series.  The first activity for Z turned out to be really neat.  I told the boys that we were going to create colors that zoomed and moved all above the place.  This got their attention.  It’s a very easy science experiment to do with kids.  Gather up 1 round, shallow pan, half & half, food coloring and dish washing soap.



I wanted this to be an experiment that the boys got to do mostly by themselves.  So I handed the half & half to James and asked him to take the cap off and pour it into the pan.





Then I gave each boy a small bottle of food coloring and told them to squeeze a few drops into the cream.  Beware, they might get messy and now Lance has red stained hands for the next day or so.








Then I helped them gently stir the colors into a swirl.



Next I held the dish soap bottle and James helped me pour a few drops into the center of the pan.



Then we just sat and watched what happened.  The colors amazingly shot out and zoomed across the cream.  Then it started to bubble and swirl around.  It kept doing this for about 5 min while the boys said Oh!  Awe!  Look mommy!  bubbles!”








At this age, I didn’t try to explain the science behind this.  I’m just tickled to death that these two boys are curious and like to see cool stuff.  It gives me some encouragement that maybe they will love science when they get older.  This was our easy zoomin project.


2 comments on “Tot School 32mo Twins – Z is For Zoomin, Movin Colors

  1. What a clever take on the “Z” theme! This activity is always fun to watch, and I can tell your kiddos had a good time.

    • bitebright says:

      Thanks. My boys did have fun. I’m so thankful for all the linkup ideasfrom other moms.It makes my life easier.


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