Tot School – 32mo Twins – Alphabet Walk











Yesterday was a beautiful day with the sun shining and a slight breeze.  While the boys were napping I went outside with some colored chalk and wrote the upper and lower case letters and a few shapes on the sidewalk.  After nap time we went outside to enjoy the fresh air.  When the boys  were ready, I told them that we were going on an alphabet walk.  They got really excited.  I slowly opened the front door and they squealed when they saw all the letters leading down the path.    As they stepped or hopped onto each letter, they called out the name of that letter. 












I had to help on a few of the letters.  My boys are a bit slow on learning the lowercase, but yesterday helped connect the lower and upper case together in their minds.  I just love hearing them say “Big D, Little D” then moving on to the next letter.  When we got to the letter Y, I had written it multiple times on that concrete square.  Since this week we are working on Y, I made it a big deal.

DSC_0627  This isn’t a fancy activity, but the boys enjoyed it and it helps to make learning the alphabet fun.


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