Tot School 32mo Twins – Y is for Yukon Gold

This is the letter Y week.  Today was the first Y activity that we’ve had time to do.  I told the boys that a long time ago in Yukon Alaska, people found gold.  So we were going to go looking for our own gold.  I wrote out Yukon gold on a piece of paper.  I pointed to the Y and asked what letter it was and what sound it made.  I also had them say Yukon several times to practice the Y sound.  We headed out to the backyard where the boys got to try their hand at panning for gold.





I had set up a small bin on the patio with four big shakes of gold glitter.  Then I added the water, that way some of the gold would stay down at the bottom instead of all of it floating at the top of the bin.  I showed the boys how to get the water in the tin pans I gave them and how to slosh the water around and out of the pan so only the gold was left.








Ha, Ha!  No sluicing happened.  What happened was the boys grabbed the pans and had a grand time scooping and throwing the water out.  When the water was dwindling, I set up a competition to see who could get the most gold in their pan with just one scoop and sloshing the water out.  The winner was James who slowly poured his water out.


When the interest was almost gone, I let the boys pour the whole bin out on the porch.  Lance exclaimed, “Oh, pretty!”


It looked even better when the water had dried up and just the glittery gold was left stuck to the pavement.  So I gave the boys a quick talk about heaven and that heaven had streets of gold.  Lance said, “Oh, yeah.”  It went along with what the boys learned in BSF today.  They learned that God is up in heaven.  They played with the glitter a bit and when it was time to go in, I told them that just like the Yukon gold, heaven is going to be oh so pretty and glittery.  While glitter is not one of my favorite craft items because it gets everywhere, I count gold glitter as my mercy for today.


3 comments on “Tot School 32mo Twins – Y is for Yukon Gold

  1. Rebecca says:

    Yay I love finding another twin mum blogger! I have twin girls so it’s very interesting seeing your boys here. I love the activity too and have featured it this week on The Sunday Showcase:

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