Mom School – Mothering Like a Farmer

Today in my email I read the best blog post from Inspired To Action.  This site has some very good resources for moms.  This story reminded me to not worry about things outside my immediate zone right now.  In a few short years my boys will be going to school.  That’s when I’ll be able to add a few new things to try.  Until then I’ll be working on being content knowing that God has called me to full time motherhood.  Here’s the link to the actual blog  If you aren’t connected with this blog, take a look.  Below is the inspiring post from today.  If you like it, please go over to the Inspired blog and leave a comment there because all credit, ideas & writing are from them, not me.


“I’m going to tell you about something I’ve never seen, but first let me tell you a little bit about farming.


You see, I once lived in a cul de sac neighborhood that backed up to an orange orchard. I was in the 3rd grade. We lived there for 2 years.

I’m pretty much a farming expert. Obviously.

Did you know farmers have seasons? There is the planting season, the growing season (clearly my farming expertise is shining through. Probably not the technical name for it, but it’s the season when they water and weed and watch) and the harvest season.

You know what I’ve never seen?

I’ve never seen a farmer try to harvest during planting season. When I lived behind that orchard, I never saw the farmer in the field picking orange blossoms off the trees in the Spring.

He could have done everything he knew. He could have worked himself to the bone. But there was no way he was going to harvest oranges in Texas in June.

Farmers know that they cannot do anything outside of the due season for their crop.

Have you thought about what season you are in? Are you trying to harvest when it’s really time to sow?

If you have a newborn, perhaps it’s not the best season to try to start an early morning Bible, exercise and planning routine. Instead focus on something simple like listening to an audio Bible while you play with or feed your baby.

If you have all your kids at home and your husband has to work a lot, perhaps it’s not the best season to start a new online business.

If you’re a new blogger still trying to figure out how it all works, maybe it’s not the best season to write an ebook, start a link up and contribute on 12 different blogs.

Everyone is in a different season.

Not too far from my little cul de sac neighborhood and the orange orchard, there was a sugar cane field. Sometimes they harvested as late as March when the orange trees were bare.

If the orange farmer didn’t know HIS crop and HIS season, he could have wasted time and energy either being jealous of the sugar cane farmer or he could have worked in vain to try to make his crops yield fruit out of season.

Friends, it doesn’t matter what season anyone else is in. It doesn’t matter if they are having the harvest of their lives. Good for them.

We need to know our season. There is such freedom in yielding to God’s timing. If we listen to HIS timing, we won’t run ourselves ragged trying to harvest the wrong things in the wrong season, because it will never work anyway.

Action step: I encourage you to identify your season today. Ask God what you should sow. Ask Him when it is time to harvest. Listen to Him. Trust Him.

Rest…in Him.”


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