Tot School 31.5mo Twins – W is For Weather

It’s a cold, windy and rainy day in Dallas today.  It’s a perfect day to learn about weather and that God makes the weather.

I stumbled across a great blog for christian themed kid’s crafts.   Here’s where I found our first weather activity.   I took a green file folder and glued all the printed paper pieces to it and added the loose pieces to a pocket on the back.








I  pulled out each picture and said what it was.  I had the boys repeat the word back to me.  Since this is our first look at this activity, I had to tell the boys which season the picture belonged in.  At first I even had to point to which square was the right season but towards the end the boys were starting to remember which square was what season.  This is an introduction into the seasons.  It’s not something overly academic, but it does help the boys learn how to sort, even if mom has to help a lot.  They seemed to enjoy it and they learn more when they are having fun.  Because the title was God Makes the Weather and it was raining this morning, I told them about the story of Noah and all the rain that came down those 40 days.  I asked the boys if they would like for it to rain for 40 days, Lances said no and James grinned while he said yes then he just laughed and laughed.


Our other rainy day activity focused on correlating the numbers that they say into actual amounts.  This will be a concept that will take a while to get.  It makes me laugh when we are sitting at light near our house where a hospital is under construction.  There are three cranes.  When I ask the boys to count them, they always seem to find five or ten cranes.  What I did was cut out an umbrella on construction paper and then I cut out rain drops on blue construction paper.  I wrote 1-5 on the bottom edge of the umbrella.  I put a small amount of tape on the back of each rain drop.  I taped up the umbrella on the back door and that got the boys’ attention.  We first counted all the written numbers on the umbrella.  Then we started with the number five and the boys got to place five raindrops below that number.   We counted outloud as we placed each drop.   We proceeded the same way down to the number one.  The  lines are not straight, I had to point frequently to which line we were currently on and a few times I had to ask one of the boys to remove a wayward drop and put it where it actually belonged.  So, this is not an activity for a perfectionist to do with a young 2 or 3-year-old.  When all the raindrops were in place, we counted each one again.  Then  the boys started the process of destruction.  I think this was their favorite part.  Nothing is left on the door for me to clean.  Even this destruction gives their fingers a good workout in fine motor skills.

















Today I count the rain outside and the wind as my mercy today.  It gave us a great springboard to good indoor activities.


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