31.5mo Twins – W is For Water

Who sunk the boat?  That’s the question of the day and the name of the book we read today.


So with that said, we headed into the backyard for some water play since W is the letter of the week.  We set up our own experiment of finding out who sunk the boat.  I filled up a plastic tote with water and used a plastic bowl for our boat.  I told the boys that the boat floats, which means it stays above the water and we needed to find heavy things to weigh the boat down so it would sink and that we would be trying out different things to see what worked.

First we tried a leaf.  The boat stayed afloat.



Second we tried a stick and then a few sticks.  The boat stayed afloat.








Third, we tried some rocks.  Fourth, we tried adding a small tub.   The boat stayed afloat.


Lastly we added a tennis ball and the boat sank slowly.



It took a lot of things to weigh the boat down enough to make it sink.  More than I thought it would.  Naturally after the boat sank, the boys had splash time.  They used the small tub to pour water out in the yard and make patterns on the cement.  James found out how hard he needed to throw the tennis ball in the water to get a high splash.  By the time they were through, they were soaked and very happy.  So while a little mouse sank the boat in our book, it was the pink tennis ball that did our boat in.



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