Tot School 31mo Twins – W is For Worms

Snits & snails & puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of.  Or so the saying goes but what they left out is one of my boys favorites, the worms.  This is W week and we are focusing on worms.  Glorious worms as Lance proclaimed this morning.  Last night we made ourselves a worm farm so we can watch these little wiggly creature all during the week.  It’s really easy to make and the boys will sit and watch and play with the container for long stretches of time.  So here’s how we made our worm farm.

I bought a $2 plastic, clear jar at Walmart, but any jar, plastic or glass that you have on hand will work.  Then I used an ice pick to punch air holes in the lid.  As I did, I told the boys that the holes let air in the jar so the worms could breathe.


Next I let the boys scoop out potting soil and dump it into the jar, about 1-2″ worth.  Then I let the boys scoop out 1-2″ of sand and dump it into the jar.  We continued this pattern until we got close to the top of the jar.  This gave the boys a chance to work on hand/eye coordination.  As we were pouring, I kept asking the boys if the level they were pouring in looked about the same size as the one before it or if it looked smaller or bigger.  They needed lots of help with this but it is getting them used to estimating.









I explained that just like them, worms get thirsty and I asked them what they thought the worms would like to drink.  James said water and Lance said milk and Dr Pepper.  I guess mom’s lunchtime drink is making an impression even though they’ve never had it.  We filled up about 1 cup worth of water from the hydrant and I let them put the water in.  Then I said that worms need to eat just like the boys do.  Again Lance was on the sugar trail, he said the worms needed candy.  I helped the boys pick two leaves from our tree and I said that the worms would find the leaves much tastier than candy.  Lastly we got to the exciting part.  I opened the container of 30 red worms that we bought from Walmart.  James said he wanted to dump them in the jar.  He was super excited.  As the worms wiggled and squirmed their way down into the soil my boys shrieked with excitement.


When it was getting dark, we took our worm farm inside the house and I set it on the kitchen table.  I told the boys that we needed to get pjs on and get ready for bed.  I didn’t anticipate how much the boys would want to watch their worm farm.  I had to drag them away from the jar.DSC_0457

This morning we woke up and the first thing I heard from the boys was going to look at the worms.  Goodness they can’t get enough of them.  They touch the sides of the container, they hit it to make the worms move, they talk to the worms and the boys giggle with each other as they look.  When the sun started to shine on the container, the worms moved toward the inside so they couldn’t be seen.  Lance was so concerned the worms went away.  I talked with them about worms sleeping during the day and staying up to play at night.  So tonight after dinner they would come back out to the edges.  If they don’t, then I’ll put a dark bag around the jar for a bit and then take it off so we can see the worms.  James just ohs and ahs as the worms inch their way through the dirt.

We will be exploring other W activities, but the worms will stay out for us to observe all this week.  I have a feeling that the worms may get a lot of attention.


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