Tot School 31mo Twins – V is For Vine

This morning while my boys were eating breakfast, I quickly taped up some green crepe paper on our ceiling to look  like vines.  Then I wrote out the fruits of the spirit on plain white paper and taped those onto the vines.  They boys got a kick watching mommy climb up and down the ladder to tape all this up.  When they finished eating, I told them the scripture John 15:5: I am the vine and you are the branches.  I would say the first phrase and have them repeat it back to me and we would do the second phrase the same way.  Then I asked who the vine was and I told them that God was the vine.  After a few tries, the boys could say the scripture and tell me that God was the vine.  During the whole morning, we would stop periodically and look at one of the fruit cards.  I’d tell them what it said and briefly describe what it was.  Nothing fancy or boring, just quick and easy. 



Later this morning we colored on a worksheet with a vine theme.  We talked about the big V and the little v and what they sounded like.  Again we worked on our scriputre.  Just as reminder, my boys are not children that just do crafts and obey.  Towards the end of the coloring time, I wanted to work on holding pensils and tracing the letter V.  Well as soon as I took the colors away, James ripped his paper in half.  He thought it was very funny which encouraged Lance to do the same.  Before I could get back to the table with the pencils, the pages were laying there in three to four pieces.  Then Lance helped himself to a little snack of paper.  So much for that pre-writing practice.  Over all though, the letter V has been fun.  This afternoon we’ll be making vases on construction paper since we’ll be busy tomorrow.  We will continue looking at the fruits of the spirit too.DSC_03141DSC_03151DSC_03111


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