Life School 31mo Twins – Outdoor Bubbles

This week we are working on the letter U.  There’s not as much to do with this letter that my boys will understand.  So we took a break from tot school today and got outside in the yard.  Studies have shown that getting out in nature seems to help prevent against ADD and boosts general curiosity in developing brains.  What you don’t see in my blogs is that after nap time, we head outdoors, usually in the backyard for some unstructured play.  We have slides, a tall climber, a seesaw, a roller coaster, balls, bikes and a sand box.  This is the boys favorite time of the day.  This is where they learn how to move those little bodies.  I’d teach them physics to go along with the movement, haha, but they wouldn’t get it and sadly mom can’t remember any of it, not one little bit.

Since our weather today was beautiful and we were waiting on the UPS man, we went in the front yard this morning.  Last week my best friend came over to the house with bubbles.  We grabbed the two bottles, went out and had some fun.  I haven’t been brave enough to set the boys loose and let them learn how to blow bubbles on their own yet.  I’ve used the really small wand and held it while they blew.  Today I opened the big bottles, showed them a few times and sat back to laugh and get drenched in soap.  This very fun activity worked their gross motor skills while chasing the bubbles.  It worked their fine motor skills holding the wand and putting the wand down in the bottle neck.  It also works their mouth muscles and helps with speech.  All that learning, not to mention learning how much air to use, what angle to hold the wand, how close to hold the wand, wind affecting the bubble production and a few more things.










The boys also ran through the flower beds, messed around with rollie-pollie bugs, picked the neighbor’s dandelions and pulled the red berries off our holly tree.  They had a great morning of unstructured play.  Now that it will be warm more days than not, I bet more of our tot school takes place outside.  God’s loving mercy for us today is His great creation.


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