Tot School 30.5mo Twins – T is for Turtle & Tie Die

The letter T is turning out to be a wealth of fun activities.  Yesterday we did a tie die art project with a cross.  Easter is coming and we have been talking about Jesus a lot.  I told the boys that on Friday, a long time ago, Jesus died on a cross for our sins and that sins our the things that we do that are wrong when we disobey.  Since they are 2.5 yrs, I don’t expect them to understand, but getting exposed to what Easter is all about will set the stage to build on for next year.  The boys know that a cross represents Jesus.  I took two coffee filters and cut them out in the shape of a cross.  I folded them in half several times and lightly taped them to sheets of paper to absorb the paint that would bleed through.  The boys took dot markers and made whatever pattern they wanted on the cross.  Then we took a water dropper and doused the cross until the colors ran together.  We used a lot of water so our end result was muted colors but use less water if you want more of a distinct pattern and brighter colors.  When the boys got up from their nap, the paper was dry and we unfolded two beautiful crosses.  I really love this project because it visually shows what Easter is about.  God created me sinless at birth(white page).  Through my inherited sin nature, I became ugly(multi colored cross).  Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood to cover my sins(water mixing the colors).  Now I’m a new creation still sinful but beautiful because of the blood of Jesus(tie die end result.)

















Today was turtle day and the boys love turtles.  We read Dr Seuss’ book, Yertle The Turtle.  All through the reading the boys kept saying “turtles maybe fall down.”  They were right and they both made loud crashing sounds when we got to that part in the book.  To go along with the turtle theme we did some fun color matching.  I printed out the game from Confessions of a Homeschooler and laminated it for reuse in the future.  Sometimes it seems the boys know the colors and other times I know they are guessing.  Either way, they had fun matching the correct colored turtle with the printed name of the color.










We did the ever popular do-a-dot page of the letter T.  I can’t tell yet whether this will be a reoccurring activity or not.  The boys get a bit wild with all the dot making.  I don’t know if they paid much attention to the fact that the dots formed the letter T.  I had to hold their hand and help them stay within the pattern of the dots.  Besides that, they love dotting away and making the page look like a big mess.










Lastly we worked on recognizing the alphabet.  They have the uppercase but we are still working on getting the lowercase letters down.  So we used a turtle sheet & I had them identify the Uppercase letters and count the turtles on the page.  Since the letters were surrounded by circles, I used another sheet of lowercase letters with the circles around them.  I had the boys repeat the name of the letter after I said it.  We only did that once and then went back to looking at the turtles on the page.  We named each turtle, Yertle and Mack made the list too.








I am so thankful that I stumbled upon the blog of Confessions of a Homeschooler.  It is my mercy for the day.  What a joy to see moms sharing with each other and in a sense shouldering the burdens of each other.  So thank you moms, as I always say, I’m a great copier but nnot so good at coming up with activities on my own.


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