Tot School 30mo Twins – S is for Seasons

Dallas has been going through all the seasons this month.  So we decided to explore what the seasons are all about.  We read the book:




Then I took two large sheets of paper and drew four tree trunks with a name of a season written above the tree.  The trees look kinda dumb, but the boys don’t care.  I gave them crayons and let them color the page however they wanted while I quickly cut out four paper squares, for each boy, of colors that matched the seasons and put double-sided tape on them.  I would talk about the first season.  Whether it was hot or cold or dry or rainy, that kind of thing.  I would give the boys their four squares and let them put them anywhere they wanted on that season’s tree.  Lance spread them everywhere while James liked to stack all four of them on top of each other.  The boys were a bit confused as to why there were no leaves for the winter tree.  I’m not sure they got it after I talked about the season.








Before we move on to another letter, we practiced sharing again.  At dinner, the frog and snake had to join us.  The boys kindly shared their food with the animals.  It’s sweet to see boys showing a softer side of their personality.



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