Tot School 30mo Twins – S is for Sidewalk Graffiti & Other Things Too

Boy oh boy, did we ever work on the letter S today with a whole host of play activities.  Early this morning Lance found the stringed bead necklace that we made back in December.  Sadly we only have one necklace so I bet you can guess what happens when that one necklace does come out.  Today I became a smart mommy.  I went to my husband’s garage and got some cotton twine, some beads from our craft box and I sat down with the boys to string a new necklace.  We worked on saying string and stringing and James started picking up the beads to give to Lance so we threw in the word sharing too.  Now each boy has a necklace to wear and the balance of peace is temporarily restored.







Then we had some friends come over for a playdate.  Since there were going to multiple kids, we went outside on the back patio to do some sidewalk graffiti.  For this, I took three bowls, divided one box of cornstarch among them, added ten drops of food coloring to each and enough water to make a milk like consistency.  I gave each kid a tennis ball and let them roll it in the paint.  They bounced, rolled, skipped and threw down the balls to make all sorts of paint patterns.  It quickly moved to hand print making then driving a truck threw the paint.  It was such a beautiful day to do messy, creative, large-scale painting.  The great thing about this is that with a quick spray from the water hose, the art was washed away.









After our friends left we stayed outside for a while and played.  James discovered some snail shells.  Lance came over to watch as James laid them on the edge of the dog house and they both patiently waited for the snails to come out.  Sadly they never came.  Hearing two-year olds try to say snail shells is very funny.


We came inside for lunch and while they were still sitting at the table, I read them a silly, spider book.Fly book  I got the boys to make the corresponding animal sound for each page.  They think this book is hilarious and just great.  Whenever I read it, they always say again when I get to the end.  After three, long readings of this book we looked carefully at the spider web drawing in the book.  Yesterday I took Elmer’s glue and made two spider webs on plain paper.  I taped these pages down and we felt on top of the paper for the web and talked about the design.








Next I tore the paper off two crayons, just happened to grab two orange crayons, it wasn’t planned.  I taped down another white paper over the web page.  I showed the boys how to rub and roll the crayon over the page to make the spider web pattern appear.  They really liked doing this.  I had tried doing rubbings in the past and the boys didn’t get it.  This just goes to show that occasionally you should try some of the things again  that previously had failed when your kids are a month or two older.















We did so many fun things today that I can’t pick just one thing for my mercy today.  So I’ll praise God that for two days in a row I have kept my yelling in check.  It may not seem praiseworthy to some of you, but for us moms that have a tendency to yell, two days without yelling is glorious and step in the right direction.  Go Orange Rhino!  Toot, toot!!


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