Tot School 30mo Twins – S is for Snake

This week we are diving into the letter S and today we are exploring snakes.  My boys do not yet know that snakes are dangerous.  I think that’s good because not all snakes are bad.  But I really have to remind myself of that.  At lunch today we talked about the sound that S makes and named a few things.  While they were finishing up eating I read them a cute book:

snake book


   This little, colorful snake slithers and winds his way through every page.  I encouraged  the boys to find the snake on each page but he’s a bit hard to find on some pages.  James got a kick out of looking for the snake, while Lance wanted to touch the snake when we found him on each page.






Then I announced that we were going outside to make our own bubble snakes.  They got excited.  I took a water bottle and used a box cutter to cut off the bottom of the bottle.  I took an old sock, placed it over the cut end of the bottle and secured it with a rubber band.  Then I poured some dish washing soap onto a dinner plate and mixed in some water.  I set the plate on top of our sand box, dipped the sock covered end of the bottle in the solution and began to blow through the drinking hole.  Whala!  We had bubble snakes.


Well at first we had little snakeletts.  The wind was blowing and the bubbles would break off before I could get a long tube going.  James had some trouble understanding the concept.  He wanted to blow from the outside on the soapy end.  Hence he got frustrated that no bubbles came out.  I tried to show him several times, but insisted on doing it the other way.  He usually learns best by watching, but the floating bubbles were too much of a distraction for him to watch and learn.  James had fun chasing the bubbles and stomping them out when they hit the ground.DSC_01800  My instinct was to keep after James so he could get it, but I quickly realized that playing and having fun at this age is more important than him learning which end to blow on to produce bubble snakes.


Lance took easily to making bubble snakes.  He’s loud so I guess he has the lung capacity to really blow some air out.  He laughed, he made long tube snakes and he figured out how to shake the bottle to make the bubbles break off.  When they did break and float off, he’d drop the bottle and try to beat his brother to stomp the bubbles out.  Lance would have kept blowing all day I think if we hadn’t of run out of soap solution.  By the way, you don’t have to worry about toddlers ducking back on the bottle and getting soution down their airway.  It’s just too hard to suck in that hard to get the solution down the length of a water bottle.



I am so happy that this project worked.  The last few ideas that I got off the internet last week flopped.  So one of my mercies for today is plain ol dish soap.  It made two little boys very happy today.


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