Tot School 30mo Twins – R is for Rainbow Rice

Tuesday and Wednesday there were no posts because this mommy was alternating between each twin having to put him back in the crib and putting the clothes and diapers back on.  Very frustrating to do for the whole nap time.  Today I gave them a chance to keep their clothes on, but in the first  5 min the clothes came off so I had one size bigger footed pjs waiting.  I put them on backwards and not only have the clothes stayed on but they haven’t climbed out.  One small victory for today!!!!!!!!!


With all that chaos going on, I didn’t even attempt tot school.  If you or your child can’t handle anything else structured in a day, then don’t do it.  Learning takes place under calm and usually happy tempered times.  Today we tried again with a R activity.  We played with glow in the dark rainbow rice.  I took a bag of rice, divided it into three baggies, poured 1Tbsp rubbing alcohol and 1Tbsp of glow in the dark acrylic paint into each bag using a different color per bag.  I kneaded it until all the rice was coated, poured it out onto cookie sheets, set it outside in the sun to dry, then dumped all the colors into one big bin.  I added a few scoops, a car and a cup.


The boys had so much fun.  They dumped and moved around and broke up all the rice clumps and now it is more like individual pieces of rice again.  They played for about 10min before the throwing of rice started.  Remember they are two, in the terrible twos.  So I quickly had to put it away.  Tonight though, I’m looking forward to taking it into their bedroom with the lights off and let them see it glow.  They love looking at their glow in the dark pjs each night before bed.  So this should be an extra treat.


Scripture that says God’s mercies are new every morning is oh so applicable to my life with twin two-year olds.  When one day or even several days go very bad, each morning is a new day with the possibility that my children will act slightly better and to know that my attitude has been given a reset each morning and I just might be able to react to this terrible two stages a bit better today.  I laugh to think my mercy today is backwards pjs.  They really saved the day & my boys are sleeping so I can blog and other household things.   Sometimes life is just funny, uhum, after the height of chaos wears off that is.


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