Tot School 29mo Twins – Q is For Quilts

quiltI did it, I finally got around to sharing one of my passions with my boys.  We made quilts.  Paper ones that is.  We talked about the “Qwa” sound that the Q makes and named a few things that begin with that sound.  When we came to the word quilt, I took the boys over to show them two quilts that each of their grandmothers had made.  I told them that to make a quilt you took some fabric, fluffy stuff and more fabric and sandwiched them together.   Lance found the word fluffy stuff to be fun to say.  Lance is also my boy who loves and I mean loves soft feeling things.  He could sit all day watching tv under a soft blanket if I let him and never will he go to sleep without his fuzzy rabbit.   I showed them a quilt that I had made.  It has shadow quotes from the Bible about love so we read aloud the sayings.  Then I said that the boys could make their own paper quilt.  They hurried to the table.  I taped down two pieces of colored construction paper, gave each of them a glue stick and told them to cover the page with glue.  I had to help some so all of the page would get covered.  Even with some help from me, this builds fine motor strength.


While they were gluing I quickly cut out squares from different colored construction paper.  I spread them out on the table and told the boys that they could make the squares into any quilt pattern that they wanted.  James decided to only use red squares on his quilt while Lance used several colors and used everything that James didn’t use.


This doesn’t conjure up the project of the year award in most people’s mind, but this is the beginning of problem solving, designing and spatial relationships.  This activity allows for their unique abilities and personal likes.  It reminds me again that while they may be twins they are two different little boys.  As different as the two quilts that they made.


I can’t wait to see what career each of them choose in the future.  For now I’ll appreciate seeing how they are alike, how they are different and how because of being twins they love and accept each other.  It’s a great model for me to live out too.  So, my mercy for the day is seeing a truth, that I need to be reminded of, being lived out right in front of me.


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