Tot School 29mo Twins – Q is For Q-Tip art

Today after library time, we came home and did one of our favorite things, we painted.  Oh how their little eyes shine when I say the word paint.  I believe their eyes shine because they are thinking it’s mess making time!  They race to the table and push up their sleeves.  I put out a blob of several colors, taped down a white sheet and gave the boys two Q-tips each.

DSC_0329DSC_0330Again, the different personalities came out.  The may have grown in the womb together but their brains are completely different.  James made dots and circles, trying to keep the colors separated.  Lance made lines and big circles mixing the colors.  We reviewed what the different colors were called.  We have been working on color identification for a long time now but they still haven’t gotten them down pat yet.








Since they were bouncing off the walls, I got out a book called the Quiet Book.  It was amusing that as I was reading this book, the boys were anything but quiet.  They squabbled over who got to turn a page, poked at pictures and laughed at each other.

Quiet book

I had hoped to make a construction paper quilt today with the boys, but I forgot that we were going to the library for story time.  I have a passion for quilts so maybe we can make that a project for tomorrow.  Today, we enjoyed painting and making a big colored mess.


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