Tot School – 29mo Twins – Q is For Quack & Other Things Too

This week we are working with the letter Q.  During breakfast time I cut out a large cardboard Q and taped it hanging from the edge of a counter.  Me and the box cutter were not on friendly terms this morning and as a result my Q looks a bit wacky.  I gave the boys bean bags and I just stood back because they automatically knew what to do.  They both stood right in front of it and were having a good time throwing them in the center.  Then I put a rope on the ground a little bit aways and made them try to throw from there.  Wow did their personalities come out.  Lance still had a good time but James got pouty and frustrated when he couldn’t get them all in.  Actually at one point, James got mad and took all the bean bags away and wouldn’t share.DSC_03150  So we had a talk about selfishness and sharing.  After that little hurdle we got back to playing.  I had to do a goofy touchdown holler when they made the throw inside the Q to encourage James to keep trying.





Lance was saying the Q sound and he naturally transitioned into making a duck call, one of his personal favorites.  It was still a bit cold, but the boys jumped into the wagon, with a blanket, and off we went to the neighborhood pond.  I like going there because it’s pretty.  The boys like going there because of the ducks, fish and water fountain.  We took some bread and fed the ducks and laughed at several mean ducks chasing others around.  He really was mean.  He made several ducks fly around in the air and we got a good look as they went over. 









When we got back we sat down for some non Q learning.  I had cut out a simple house using a triangle and some rectangles.  We named the shapes and I let them color another sheet with those same shapes on it.  I cut those out, set out my example of how they went and asked the boys to put the pieces on a sheet of construction paper so it looked like moms.  James got it but Lance needed some help to get them in the right spot.  Then I gave them a bottle of glue and helped them learn how to glue the pieces on to the construction paper.  This was our first attempt at the boys using the shapes that they know to make larger objects.  The more we do these, the better they will get.  I had to remember to keep this fun and not get frustrated when they needed help.  I reminded myself that they are only 2.5yrs old.



The last  non Q thing we did was work on holding a pencil and tracing our shapes.  Again, this is a newer skill that the boys are learning so I had to be patient.  I gave each of them a fat pencil and held their hands as we traced the shapes for the first time.  James did pretty well when he got to trace on his own.  Even during regular coloring he makes straight lines and says straight line as he does it and he enjoys it with a smile on his face.  Lance is still working on holding the pencil properly and he rather likes to scribble around rather than stay on a line.  With practice he’ll get it.  We still have 3 more years until they start kindergarten so I think he’ll get by then.


When I was thinking of what all we could do for learning the letter Q, I didn’t have a whole list of things.  I only had a handful.  Nothing spectacular and fancy.  It’s been my mercy rained down from God to enjoy these few simple activities today.  I didn’t expect to laugh as much as we did today.  I didn’t expect to cheer wildly at Lance’s throwing ability.  I didn’t expect to have my heart melt as I watched James delight in his tracing abilities.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s activity as it’s an activity that’s dear to my heart.  May you enjoy your children and all the fun learning can bring.


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