Tot School 29mo Twins – P is for Potato Painting Pirates

Pirates in our house are amazing.  They can rob a ship, drink with the best of them, at least drink milk like nobody’s business, find buried treasure and be greedy about keeping it to themselves and turn right around to their softer artist side with painting.  I love my crazy two pirates.  I love how they sang Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life’s For Me.  Use your imagination, just like my little pirates did and you’ll see a beautiful sandy beach on a Caribbean island sitting right on our kitchen table instead of a bin of oatmeal.


I gave the boys some magnets and told them to look for treasure, ok it was only alphabet letter magnets, but the boys were excited when they found them.  They eventually found that digging with their hands was faster and then using the magnets to pull them out of the sand was really fun.  This treasure hunting had the added bonus of identifying alphabet letters.  This really was a fun activity for the boys.  While it’s a bit cool outside, this made me think about a warm beach somewhere and watching Priates of the Caribbean.








Then my little pirates switched over to be artists.  Our painting technique today was construction paper and potatoes. 

DSC_02900I cut out a star shape in the two halves of a potato.  I showed the boys the potato star and before we began painting, we sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  Then the stamping and painting began.  Lance liked to slam his potato down and make star smudgy imprints while James liked to twirl his potato around and make circles.  This didn’t produce the kind of great looking painting to hang even on the fridge, but the boys had fun.







Today ends our letter P experiences.  We are looking forward to tomorrow and celebrating Dr. Seuss’ actual birthday.  Dr Seuss had a good imagination and I’m so thankful that my boys are developing their creativity and imaginations.


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