Tot School 28.5mo Twins – The P of Wacky Wednesday

We began Wednesday reading a Dr. Seuss’ book and added in our letter of the week “P”:

Wacky Wed

You can imagine all the fun things that I thought about doing.  Here is what we had time and resources to easily do.

Have you ever made flavored Popcorn?   Ever tried Strawberry Shortcake popcorn?  Doesn’t that sound like something the cat in the hat would do?  I gave the boys measuring cups and spoons so they could put the ingredients in a pan.  You take 1c butter, 3/4c sugar, 1Tbsp corn syrup, 3Tbsp water and one packet of frosting flavoring.  After they mixed it all up I put it on the stove and brought it to a boil, then poured it over 1 bag of plain popcorn.  The boys mixed it all up with their spoons.  I popped it into a 350 oven for 5min then we let it cool.  It might sound crazy, but it tasted really good and was a great red color too.  I also bent the rule of only eating in the kitchen and let them share the bowl on the couch.









Next we worked on wacky weaving.  I got this idea from Teach Preschool and adapted it to our house.  I took some string that was in my crafting box and gave it to the boys.  I flipped a kitchen table chair over so the legs were sticking up in the air.  I showed the boys how to walk around the chair with the string and it was their own idea to loop it around and across so that it was a bit like weaving.  Lance got a bit frustrated but James loved running around the chair.  When we were done I stood the chair back up and put it under the table thinking that later I’d cut the string off.  The boys decided it would be just as much fun to unravel the string and then play with it.  So they had a good time getting it undone.















Lastly we used a wacky new material to Paint with.  We tried bubble wrap painting and it worked great.  I taped a white sheet down to the table for each boy, put out hot pink, yellow and turquoise washable Crayola paint, very Dr Seuss looking colors, on saucers and gave each boy a small piece of bubble wrap.  At first they just dabbed on the paint, then they covered the whole piece and pressed it down, then came the smearing with the wrap followed by finger smearing and lastly the whole plate technique.  I didn’t have to do a thing.  They traded plates, laughed and had a good time for about 20min.  Getting that kind of break for this mom is really wacky and much appreciated.










I know we could have done far wackier things and I bet as the boys get older we will come up with some very wacky ideas, but this was just right for my two boys this year to celebrate Dr Seuss’ upcoming birthday.  As I look for those mercies that I’ve been given each day, the ability to be silly and enjoy those silly moments is one of the best mercies that I’ve been given as a mom.  If you have a great silly memory with your little ones, please share it with me.


One comment on “Tot School 28.5mo Twins – The P of Wacky Wednesday

  1. davekieffer says:

    Steph, Love this entry! I may do this with my “K” students this year! We often painted with pudding when it was nice outside. Your idea is much more colorful, but you can’t eat it. 🙂

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