Tot School 28.5mo Twins – BubblesPainting

We started our “P” letter of the week.  We will be exploring different types of painting throughout this week.  Yesterday we tried our hands at bubble painting.  I squirted a bit of dish washing soap, 1/2c water and food coloring into three different bowls.  I got the green, James got the orange and Lance got the blue.  I poked a hole near the top of three straws and we went to town making bubbles.


When the bubbles were high enough to tower over the top of the bowls, we placed a white sheet of paper over the top so the bubbles could pop and leave a pretty print behind.  That was a failure.  The bubbles didn’t leave much color.  I’ve seen other pics of beautiful bubble paintings, but ours didn’t work.  So instead of sulking off in defeat, we just had ourselves a good time blowing bubbles, sticking straws in the bubbles when they didn’t pop and seeing just how big we could get our bubble domes.








It turned out to be a lot of fun, especially when the bubbles popped on the table it left a color pool that Lance enjoyed splashing in.  Now his hands are a sickly gray color that won’t wash off.  It makes me laugh looking at them.


Yesterday was a good reminder that when things don’t work out as planned, learning and fun can still happen if I choose to go with the flow.  We learned about soap, bubbles, air, rainbow colors from the light and surface tension(although I think this last one was over their heads.)  If you’ve successfully made a bubble painting, give me your tips.  Otherwise we’ll just save our soap for fun bubble blowing.


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