Tot School 28.5mo Twins – Fish Bowl

A big birthday is coming!  I mean big!  It’s Dr Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd.  So we are having some wacky Seussical fun ourselves to celebrate.  This morning the boys crawled up in my lap to read

fish book

When we finished reading the book, we hoped into the kitchen for a fish craft that I found out on the internet.  I had cut out earlier a fish bowl from regular white copy paper.  I poured out some corn syrup and added two drops of blue food coloring.  I handed each boy a paint brush and set the syrup in between them.  It was sticky, pretty and tasty.  My boys sure liked it.  They painted their fish bowls.  I took a spoon and helped pour some of the syrup onto the bowls so it wound’nt take all day.

DSC_0346  When the bowls were covered sufficiently, we placed small construction paper fish, that I had cut out, onto the bowls.  The syrup acts like glue.

DSC_0347  We set them aside to dry and cleaned ourselves up.  Even when the syrup dries, it has a wet glassy look like real water.  I thought this was a fun and different way to paint and helped make the story come to life just a wee bit more.




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